Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't been very chatty (or should I say "posty" lately), but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.

I have been busy at work, home, with family, and with crafting, sewing & quilting. Work stuff isn't  interesting to the blogworld, and I promise you - you don't want to know about the home/family front, so on to the fun stuff!!

I have been into making bracelets lately.  My inspiration is Christy Tomlinson and her Artsy Bangles course with her daughter.  They have great instructions for making simple and cute bangles of all kinds.  Check out the Artsy Bangles online workshop.  I haven't taken pictures of the bangles I have made yet, (I know, I know....) but I will post some soon.  I wear them all the time and don't think about photographing them.  lol.

I have been working on swap projects, a blog hop and charity projects.

I am in the 3x6 Sampler Mini Bee, (these are from last quarter, new ones to come)


Here is my current block

 3x6 Fabric Swap,

and the Modern She Made Swap. (these are from round 1-round 2 is just getting started)

I made these and sent them to the UK.

MSMS Round 1IMAG0965.jpgMSMS Round 1MSMS Round 1

I participated as a contributor in my first-ever Blog Hop - Bowls With Borders.  What fun that was!  So many amazing projects out there. I made these little stacked bowl place mats.


And here are some of the charity projects I have been involved in:

I am in the Bliss circle of Do. good stitches.  What an awesome group!!!

May Blocks

June Blocks  (we took a break in July)

August Blocks
August blocks for Bliss group of Do. Good stitches.

September Blocks
September 2012 Bliss blockSeptember 2012 Bliss block

October Blocks
October 2012 Bliss block 1October 2012 Bliss block 2

I am also the president in a brand new Modern Quilt Guild group, the East Texas Modern Quilt Guild.  We are just getting started and are working on a charity project for a local girls ranch.

Thanks to all my followers who are hanging in there with me.  I  love quilting and blogging!!


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  1. Laura - you are amazing! Such a busy and productive girl!