Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing and other stuff too!

I have been busy in the sewing room lately.  I finished some charity blocks for the Bliss Circle of  Do.  Good Stitiches. 

These are so easy and were quick and fun to make up.  I would really like to make a quilt out of this pattern in the future.                       
Butterfly Block 1Butterfly Block 2

Next are two blocks for Quilting for Kids.  These were 17 1/2" blocks.  I love the way they went together.  I will be making more soon.

Quilting for kids November 2012Quilting for Kids November 2012

I was inspired by Maureen Cracknell to make these cute shoestrings.  I modified her pattern a little, but used  her basic tutorial from  her blog.  I love the way they turned out and have had requests for some!!!


This houndstooth quilt will be for a friend's new baby that is expected in February.  This is my first try at houndstooth and I think I am hooked.  It was simple and fun to whip up.

                    Sweet little houndstooth.

This is what the backing will be made out of.

I just love this print and it will coordinate with the nursery.  It was a lucky find at my LQS!!!

Now fur the "Other Stuff".

This is a wreath my daughter and I made for her college home.  I really love it and she was excited about it too!  We made it while she was home briefly for Thanksgiving. 

She had to leave early because she was a bridesmaid in a wedding that weekend.  

Here she is with two of the other bridesmaids.  She is the one on the left.

                                 Photo: The bridesmaids! Such sweet girls, Jolie you have good taste in friends :)

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  1. Busy, busy, busy girl! Love the wreath you made and can't wait to see the houndstooth quilt!