Monday, April 29, 2013


Here in East Texas we have really weird weather and this weekend was no exception.  However, it was beautiful, for the most part.  It was overcast and breezy on Saturday which made for a very nice temperature.  Saturday evening it POURED for quite some time which was nice since we need the rain.  Sunday was warm, breezy and beautiful.  I worked outside on various projects all afternoon.  Being outside did wonders for my mood.  I played with the dog, gardened and did a couple of other projects.

Here is Presley - TUCKERED OUT!!!

I had a great time making this cool vertical plant stand for my back patio.  
These are impatiens, and I think they will be beautiful when they fill out. I plan to plant caladiums in the top and maybe something cascading on the bottom.  I am also planning a craft day with some friends to make more of these for mother's day gifts.

Another project I worked on is this cute, retro typing table.
I bought this at our local Habit for Humanity ReStore.  It was so cute and I got it for a song.  Of course, it was its original industrial grey, so it definitely needed sprucing up.  I chose this cute medium teal shade and absolutely love it.  It was in really great condition with the exception of one bad "wing", that I fixed.  (One of the side extensions had a broken bracket that I was able to fashion a replacement part for.  I will probably use it in my sewing room for my printer and/or Silhouette.  

I worked on one more outdoor project, but I am not quite ready to show that one off, just yet.  It still needs some work, but the hardest part is done.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland.  It feels so good to be getting back to normal in my life and here on my blog.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Sweet Presley-lou! So tired from all of that gardening.